"Fathomless lust constrained by perfect obedience..."

The materials in this website set out a new genre and style of consensual female sex slavery for modern heterosexual adults. The name given to this genre is Code d' Odalisque, or "Code d' Ode". It is a real-life game for female slaves and male Slavekeepers, giving a new, contemporary form to the dedicated sex slave or "odalisque".

We are careful to distinguish it from other styles of consensual slavery. It is not like the quasi-military "Old Guard" style and it is not like the so-called Gorean style. Nor is it about Sado-masochism, torture and degradation. The odalisque is a luxury pleasure slave, a sexual captive, kept for sex.

The key idea in Code D' Odalisque is that an odalisque is a specialized slave. She is not a domestic slave who works in the house. She is not a labour slave. She is not a pain slave. She is not a personal slave. She is a dedicated sex slave, kept naked and barefoot, trained for one purpose - sex.

Code d' Odalisque is a code of rules and etiquette and training for the contemporary female sex slave of the odalisque type. It sets out the rights, duties and character of both Master and slave.


What is the best part of being a Odalisque slave?
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